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GIFs are how we express our feelings in the 21st century. That’s just how things work now, so of course the ”that moment when” GIF fad is blowin’ up. However, sometimes they’re kind of a bummer.

Drew Villano found 14 Inappropriately Tragic “That Moment When” GIFs and you should check those out immediately. This is just the first one, but holy crap, they get much, much worse.

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From the guys at Pop Chart Lab: Over 45 of the greatest moments in Yankee Stadium

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Watching lift-off from the White House

President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and others watch the lift-off of the first American in space, Astronaut Alan Shepard.  The television is in the Office of the President’s Secretary in White House. 5/5/61

-from the JFK Library

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Zaragoza 1-2 Barcelona (7 April 2012)

Valdés’ penalty save (x)

Puyol’s goal (x

Messi’s second goal (x)

Pedro’s goal (x)

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